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About Logar honey extractors

Logar Honey extractors are known for a good design, high-quality workmanship and their durability.

Honey extractors are made from food approved quality stainless steel (W.No.1.4301). Thickness of the steel is 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm and for the bottom of the barrel 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm – thicker and stronger than most other honey extractors on the market, which makes it a more compact and durable honey extractor.

All parts of our honey extractors that come into contact with honey are made exclusively from food approved materials. The welds are high quality TIG welded. All honey extractors are CE certified, which means that they meet the prescribed safety and health regulations.

Spare parts for all honey extractors of the brand Logar are guaranteed.

Main advantages of Logar honey extractors:

Thick stainless steel barrel

The barrel is made of 0.8 to 1.5 mm thick stainless steel that gives the honey extractors its stability and compactness.

Seamless welds of the barrel bottom

High quality TIG welds give smooth welds without internal edges, so the tank is simple to clean. The barrel bottom is inclined towards the stainless steel honey outlet welded to the lowest possible point, so that the honey can easily flow out of the honey extractor.

Stainless steel honey pipe

A stainless honey tap is installed at the lowest point of the bottom so all of the honey can drain out of the extractor.

Transparent honey extractor lid

The lid of the honey extractors is attached with special hinges and made of transparent Plexiglas, which allows the observation of the spinning process. All honey extractors with a motor drive have a built-in safety switch that automatically switches the engine off, when the lid is opened.

Honey extractor base construction

The special base construction ensures reliable stability of the honey extractor.


The motor drive consists of the engine itself and a reducer. The slider switch adjusts the desired speed from 0 to 280 rpm and the rotation direction. All honey extractors with motor drive have at least 1 year warranty.

Manual drive

The manual drive can spin the basked in a clockwise direction. By pressing the lever opposite to the direction of rotation it slows the spinning down. The freewheel of the manual drive makes the spinning even easier. All honey extractors with manual drive have 2 years warranty.

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Special offer: When ordering a honey extractor with minimum barrel diameter of 24.40" (62cm) you get a platform scale worth 90.77 GBP for free!

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All honey extractors are tested before they come out of the factory to guarantee their proper functioning.

Honey extractors have up to 2 years warranty.

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