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Honey tanks

Honey tanks are made from quality stainless steel (W.No.1.4301.III D). 

They are available in various standard sizes: 35 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 170 kg, 200 kg, 280 kg, 430 kg, 750 kg.

You can choose from the following honey tanks:

• Honey tank with plate cover,
• Honey tank with airtight lid with silicone seal,
• Honey tank with airtight lid with clamping ring,
• Honey tank with airtight lid with clamping closures.

Honey tanks with a tap are intended for filling of honey in glass containers. Honey tanks without a tap are intended for honey storage.

Honey tanks between 35 kg and 200 kg have two handles, so that the lifting and carrying is easier.

With each honey tank, a stainless stand can also be purchased.

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Special offer: When ordering a honey extractor with minimum barrel diameter of 24.40" (62cm) you get a platform scale worth 90.77 GBP for free!

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Honey extractors have up to 2 years warranty.

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