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Honey tank 50 kg, airtight lid, stainless steel gate

Strainer tank 30 kg, with coarse and fine mesh

Wax melter/disinfection pan 100 l, with steam generator, stainless steel + wax bowl 3,2 l

Steam wax melter/disinfection pan, stainless steel, gas + wax bowl 3,2 l

Wax bowl 3,2 l, Ø 26 cm, stainless steel

Wax bucket 11 l

4-Frames-Extractor, manual, barrel 52 cm, without going through middle axle, frames 30 x 48 cm

4-Frames Self-turning extractor, 180W motor, programautomatic, barrel 76 cm, frames 26,5 x 48 cm

4-Frames Self-turning extractor, programautomatic, 23 x 48 cm, barrel 63 cm,110W-M

Honey creamer for honey extractors with diameter 20.47" (52 cm), stainless steel

Bottom heater 566W incl. assembling

Honeytherm system

Honeytherm system + Honey tank 50 kg

Rubber feet for extractor with screw M8

Tangential screen for radial basket, stainless steel

Uncapping tray for 1 person, with lid, uncapping stand and frame holder

Honey extractor with a fully automatic drive with frequency converter


A honey spinner with 52 cm diameter

A tangential honey spinner with 52 cm diameter

A honey extractor with 76 cm diameter

Centrifugal basket without continuous central axis

Shipping on a pallet

Even turning honey extractor

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Tested effectiveness for preventing bee robbing

It is inserted in the entrance of the beehive at the time of bee robbing danger

ApiSloveniaWe present to you the bee corridor for preventing bee robbing, which was developed by our company. During the development of the product, we relied on a proven concept of effective prevention of bee robbing, improved it and developed an innovative product, that will be presented as an innovation at the beekeeping fair ApiSlovenia 2018.

With the use of bee corridor, problems with bee robbing are gone!

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Basic effectiveness
Basic effectiveness

The corridor cuts off the attacker bees’ direct way to the honeycomb and disorientates them so that they rotate in a circle. This way the guard bees can easily drive them away.

Increased effectiveness
Increased effectiveness

The effectiveness is additionally increased when the corridor is half closed with the closure plate.

Additional uses
Additional uses

With the closure plate, the entrance to the hive can be completely closed if necessary.

Bee Corridor

Imkerjacke aus luftdurchlässigem Netzgewebe und FechterhaubeAktions angebot

Schützt gegen Stiche und ist gleichzeitig angenehm ventilierend.

Entwickelt für Komfort und Benutzerfreundlichkeit.

Preis nur: 99,00 EUR

Das gibt‘s nur bei uns! Greifen Sie zu!

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