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Enjoy Regular Bee Scale Updates and Stay in Touch with Latest Advancements in Beekeeping

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, but the problem with it is that it keeps changing. You can basically buy the newest device on the market, and in a matter of months something new and better comes along. The same is true in the world of bee scales.

Or shall we say – it was true. Bee scale brings significant improvement in this area, as it offers continuous updates of its firmware, always bringing you new and improved features.’s central unit is basically the heart of the scale. It’s a tiny computer that has the ability to connect to the internet via the built-in SIM card. And just like any other computer, it can receive updates with the latest version of the firmware.

By updating the firmware, you can add new functions and features for your scale, always keeping it up to date with the latest innovations and developments. This means that your bee scale will always compare to the newest products on the market.

Updating your firmware is quick and easy: all you have to do is connect your scale to your computer and upload the new firmware. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that will make it easier to get started.

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Our award-winning is an innovative bee scale that features automatic hourly weight measurements and updates, enables remote monitoring of your bee hives via mobile app and website, and is solar-powered to ensure continuous autonomy. It helps you provide your bees with a stress-free environment, immediately sends you an alarm when there’s a problem in the bee hive, and enables you to always keep track of the conditions in and around your bee hive.

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Firmware Update Guide

In case your computer does not recognise the central unit, it does not have the appropriate drivers for USB serial communication via FTDI chip. Please download the drivers here:

Before you can start the update process, you must download the diagnostic program Diagnostic Tool. Please download the program here:

Video instructions (in german)

Installation of the program for diagnosing and updating the software of the beehive scale

How to send the diagnostic protocol of the beehive scale to the support team

How to update the beehive scale firmware