Varroa control

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Varrox vaporizer for oxalic acid, 12V-12A

The original for the evaporation of oxalic acid dihydrate. The VARROX® evaporator is particularly stable and durable. VARROXAL is filled into the pans of the VARROX® evaporator and brought through the pilot hole under the bee grape. The VARROX® evaporator is powered by a 12V car battery and the oxalic acid is evaporated.
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Hot air vaporizer

The oxalic acid evaporator can handle 60 to 80 beehives per hour. The smoke of oxalic acid fills the entire hive, all the surfaces, so that the bees are covered with a very thin layer of the crystals of oxalic acid. The bees do not harm these fine crystals, but they are deadly to the Varroa mite.
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Varroa Tester

Die perfekte Lösung, wenn Sie im Zweifel darüber sind, ob Ihre Bienenvölker viele Varroamilben haben.
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