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Advanced GPS Technology that Keeps Your Bee Scale Safe and Secure at All Times

When your bee scales are located at a remote location, you probably worry about their safety. Thieves are everywhere these days and your bee scale is a fairly expensive investment, so it’s understandable that you want to keep it safe.

Our award-winning has a number of impressive features that enable it to stay safe and secure at all times. The most advanced feature is the geolocation technology that keeps track of the scale’s movement at all times.

Geolocation technology enables you to track the location of your bee scale at all times.

The movement sensor is very sensitive and detects even the smallest movements of the scale. This means that if anyone tries to move your bee scale, you are immediately notified about this with a special alarm.

As soon as movement is detected, a special alarm goes off to immediately inform you that there’s a problem.

Thanks to its built-in sensor, the scale can then transmit its exact location via mobile network, enabling you to find it immediately.

Advanced GPS system enables you to keep your scale safe and protected at all times.

Apart from this state-of-the-art, sophisticated system, the scale also offers a number of other security measures:

  • Central unit is screwed into the surface
  • Weight sensors are screwed into the surfaces
  • Device can be turned off remotely if needed

All this enables your to stay safe and protected at all times so that it can continue to improve every step of your bee-keeping journey.

Get Your Bee Scale Today and Rest Assured It Will Always Stay in Its Place!

Our award-winning is an innovative bee scale that features automatic hourly weight measurements and updates, enables remote monitoring of your bee hives via mobile app and website, and is solar-powered to ensure continuous autonomy. It helps you provide your bees with a stress-free environment, immediately sends you an alarm when there’s a problem in the bee hive, and enables you to always keep track of the conditions in and around your bee hive.

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