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Wax melters

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The wax melters are intended for melting comb wax and wax cappings. The wax is melted by water vapour. The pure wax flows out of the wax melter and passes through the outlet pipe in an outer container. The waste remains in the perforated honeycomb basket. In this process, the frames are cleaned and disinfected. For heating the water, a gas burner or a steam generator is used.

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Cappings wax melter, isolated, diameter 63 cm

Discovery wax smelter for easy separation of honey from wax lids. This Discovery Wax Melter is particularly suitable for those beekeepers who uncover the honeycombs with the help of Discovery Machines or Electric Discovery Knives, as more honey remains in the honeycomb lids in these discoveries. It can also be used to liquefy honey in jars or smaller containers.
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Wax melter/disinfection pan 100 l, with steam generator, stainless steel + wax bowl 2,3 l

The small wax melter is suitable for hobby beekeepers and is intended for the melting of old honeycombs and uncapping wax and also for disinfecting the beekeeping tool, the equipment and the frames. A melting process for about 10-12 Zander or DNM frames (the number depends on the size of the frames) takes about 30 minutes.
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Wax bucket 11 l

Wax bucket with a handle, made of stainless steel. Height 26 cm, volume 11 litres.
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