Honey extractors, Honey tanks, Wax melters and other Beekeeping equipment of the Logar brand.

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24/12-Frames Radial extractor, programautomatic, barrel 76 cm, 180W

  • Honey extractor type: Radial honey extractor
  • Number of frames: 12/24
  • Drive: Motor 180W Programautomatic
  • Inner / outer barrel diameter: 29.92/31.10 " (76/79 cm)
  • Maximum frame size: 8.26/9.44 x 18.89 " (21/24 x 48 cm)
  • Frames: Suitable for 24 half-frames (height of 14 to 21 cm) or for 12 DNM, Zander whole frames (up to 24 cm height) or for 4 large honeycombs in Tangentialbetrieb me hanging grids
  • Speciality: Fully automatic drive with frequency converter

20/8-Frames Radial extractor, motor 110W, barrel 63 cm + 4 tangential screens

  • Honey extractor type: Radial honey extractor
  • Drive: Motor 110W
  • Inner / outer barrel diameter: 24.80/25.98 " (63/66 cm)
  • Maximum frame size: 6.29/9.44 x 18.89 " (16/24 x 48 cm)
  • Frames: Suitable for 20 Flachzargenrähmchen, or 8 full frames in radial operation or for 4 large honeycombs in Tangentialbetrieb with hanging grids
  • Speciality: Tangential screens included

Bee corridor to prevent bee robbery

Tested effectiveness for preventing bee robbing. It is inserted in the entrance of the beehive at the time of bee robbing danger

Wax melter/disinfection pan 100 l, with steam generator, stainless steel + wax bowl 2,3 l

The small wax melter is suitable for hobby beekeepers and is intended for the melting of old honeycombs and uncapping wax and also for disinfecting the beekeeping tool, the equipment and the frames. A melting process for about 10-12 Zander or DNM frames (the number depends on the size of the frames) takes about 30 minutes.

Steam wax melter/disinfection pan, stainless steel, gas + wax bowl 3,2 l

Wax melter, stainless steel, capacity approx 23 frames. A gas burner is not supplied with the wax melter.
Dimension: 41 x 61 x 85 cm

9-Frames Radial extractor, motor 110W, barrel 52 cm, frames 18 x 48 cm

  • Honey extractor type: Radial honey extractor
  • Number of frames: 9
  • Drive: Motor 110W
  • Inner / outer barrel diameter: 20.47/21.65 " (52/55 cm)
  • Maximum frame size: 7.08 x 18.89 " (18 x 48 cm)
  • Frames: Suitable for Flachzargenrähmchen: Dadant, DNM, Zander and Langstroth

Honey extractors

Honigschleudern LogarWe are pleased to present honey extractors from the Logar brand, high-quality products of the Logar Trade company from Slovenia. Honey extractors are carefully developed and manufactured from high-quality polished stainless steel that provides sustainability and a long service life. All components which come into contact with honey are made of tested and certified materials suitable for food contact.

  • All motorised honey extractors have the CE marking.
  • Due to their superior quality and reliability, Logar honey extractors are popular among beekeepers throughout Europe.

Do you need a honey extractor, but aren’t sure which one to choose?  

Use our Configurator to pick your suitable honey extractor! Enter frame dimensions or simply select the type of your frames.

Tangential honey extractors

  • They are particularly suitable for amateur beekeepers.
  • In extracting honey, the frame is placed tangentially to the tub so the honey drains more easily.
  • Tangential honey extractors allow the extraction from large frames, and are thus considered the most universal honey extractors.

Radial honey extractors

  • They are an excellent solution for beekeepers who want to extract honey of low to medium viscosity.
  • Centrifugal force and the natural tendency of cells ensure that both sides of the comb are simultaneously extracted, so there is no need for turning the combs.
  • Radial honey extractors are available in manually operated and motorised versions.
  • All radical honey extractors are available with a heated bottom which is comes handy in several-days-long extraction or cleaning of the extractor

Automatically revolving honey extractors

  • They are particularly suitable for beekeepers who extract honey with high viscosity.
  • Their advantage lies in the fact that they revolve the combs automatically during extraction.
  • This type of extractors have stationary honey chamber boxes always facing the axis, and by rotating the basket they turn tangentially to the tub. The wire grid chamber box prevents the honey from congesting he chamber box and thus the combs are dry after extraction.
  • All automatically revolving honey extractors are available with a heated bottom which comes handy in several-days-long extraction or cleaning of the extractor. 

More information on honey extractors

Honey filling containers, honey pails, honey storage containers and straining pots made of stainless steel

All the listed containers are made entirely of rust-resistant materials, are suitable for food contact and have a seamlessly welded bottom and are thus easy to clean.

Honigabfüllbehälter mit QuetschhahnHoney filling containers with a drain tap (25 - 170 kg)

They are suitable for direct filling into glass containers. The stainless drain tap is welded to the container and nicely cuts the honey during filling into glass containers without any mess.

Honey storage container (25 - 280 kg)

Honey storage containers have no drain tap. They include a silicone gasket in the lid and a rust-resistant clamping collar which provide airtight sealing.

Stapelbare LagerbehälterHoney pails

Honey pails have a slightly conical shape which allows you to stack them one into another (max. three) resulting in better use of space.

Honigunterstell und Siebkübel kannenStraining pots

A straining pot is intended for straining honey during extraction.

We have tried all combinations of strainers and straining pots and recommend a combination of coarse strainer and the straining pot, item no. 2561. As this combination works best, we recommend that you purchase these two products. Even if you strain honey the whole day long, the strainer net will not clog up, which saves you a lot of time and worry

More information on honey containers

Wax melters

Beekeepers use wax melters to melt old wax from frames. The melter melts the wax by using water steam, whereby pure beeswax is extracted and poured through the perforated bottom of the melter and into the external container. The rest of the wax is collected in a perforated basket. During the melting process, the frames are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and are then ready to be used again.

Steam wax melter Wachsschmelzer

  • We recommend that amateur beekeepers who want to get rid of old wax from their frames in a quick and efficient way use the melter
  • Approximately 15 frames can be inserted into the perforated basket of the melter, depending on their size

WachsschmelzerLarge wax extractor with a gas heater

  • A large extractor for beekeepers who keep 20–100 bee colonies

More information on wax melters

Comb uncapping containers

A comb uncapping container with a surface for putting down combs is a very practical and welcome solution for every beekeeper since it offers a large surface for smooth operation while protecting your work surface against honey and wax at the same time.

The container has a perforated rust-resistant insert that facilitates the straining of cappings.

Uncapping tub

  • Entdeckelungswanne mit DeckelAn uncapping tub comes very handy in straining honey and also offers enough space for opened wax cappings. It is also provided with a perforated insert for straining the cappings.
  • A rust-resistant drain tap for honey draining is integrated at the lowest central point of the bottom.
  • There is an edge on both short sides of the tub with the purpose of scraping burr combs or uncapping fork.

 Uncapping tub with a worktop (125cm)

  • An uncapping tub with a worktop protects your work surface from honey and wax dripping.
  • Place the comb you want to uncap on the tub girders.
  • The tub has casters and a lid made of stainless steel.
  • 5 height levels

More information on the uncapping tub

Beehive scale

BienenstockwaageThe BeeScales.io beehive scale allows you to remotely control two beehives at once. BeeScales.io operates with a SIM card and thus enables you to check the situation in your beehives at any time through a mobile application. Advantages of the scale:

  • Measurements are carried out each hour
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Web portal and mobile application available
  • Integrated SIM card with free data transfer for the first year
  • Possibility of using your own SIM card
  • Solar cell allows unlimited use
  • Easy to use
  • Security against theft
  • Geolocation to monitor the location of the scale

Bee corridor for preventing a bee robbery


When there is a shortage of nectar sources in nature, there is a possibility that bees attack food reserves in the combs of weaker bee colonies. This is called a bee robbery which decimates the population of the bee colony, since the bees run out of food, and at the same time it can affect robber bees, which can catch and bring numerous diseases together with the food to their hives. Bee robbery can be prevented by using a bee corridor which is inserted into the beehive entrance

  • The bee corridor effectively prevents bee robberies
  • It is inserted in the beehive entrance and protects the bee colony
  • It significantly reduces the power of robber bees and increases the defensive ability of guard bees
  • The bee corridor is inserted in the entrance when the nectar sources are low or towards the end of honey flow period.
  • It is also suitable for weaker bee colonies

More information on the bee corridor