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Beekeeping equipment and accessories

A wide range of additional beekeeping equipment and accessories are also available to upgrade your extractor.

For large extractors, it is recommended that the bottom of the extractors is heated, as this allows honey to drain out of the extractor and also through the strainers more quickly. This particular extractor upgrade also comes very handy whenever extraction or extractor cleaning takes place for several days in a row.

Additionally, use of a strainer tank with a top honey tap is also recommended for extraction.

Radial extractors can be ordered together with tangential screens, which transform the extractor into a tangential one and allow the extraction of larger-size comb frames. The 4561 radial extractor can be used either for extracting honey from 24 small-sized beehive frames or 12 medium-sized ones, or alternatively by means of tangential screens from 4 large ones.

Uncapping wax bags can be used to separate honey from the cappings.

In small-sized extractors, the sugar solution (syrup) can be made by taking the basket out of the extractor and inserting a honey creamer, which allows you to mix the syrup easily by means of the drive.

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Special offer: When ordering a honey extractor with minimum barrel diameter of 24.40" (62cm) you get a platform scale worth 90.77 GBP for free!

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